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"Wall Relief Sculpture"  



These high relief wall sculptures are designed using urethane block (rock lite) with epoxy and fiberglass coatings. Rocklite is  signboard used primarily for outdoor applications. The man-made material is much more stable than wood and is very durable for public or corporate installations.    Scale is on average approximately 6 feet in length, by 4 feet in height.  The work shown is primarily abstract, yet several of my indoor/outdoor installations use representational imagery.These puzzle-like compositions include compound angles and skewed planes creating a sense of sculptural ‘undulation’ along the wall. This work is available in smaller scales, or can be expand in scale by adding components indefinitely.    

My painting technique uses layers of transparent colors creating subtle texture and revealing many sub-layers, as well as original drafting lines, etc. This process attempts to creates visual depth and display the working process and multiple revisions. Shadows appear throughout the three-dimensional forms creating color tone variations adding to the dimensional quality of the forms.  

The photos display three variations:  title: Le Livre shows suspended or ‘cantilevered’ compositions which incorporate lightweight, almost ‘kite-like’ elements which appear to float on either a wall or a ceiling.  Most  images on this web site  display my ‘carved block design’ reflecting a bolder and more cubist sculptural effect.

Several of my nine public commissions are visually ‘interactive.’ This is achieved with vertical corrugation carved into the surfaces.   Pigment is applied in contrasting shades on the alternate slopes of this textured surface such that when a viewer’s perspective shifts, colors coalesce in relationship to his/her movements.  These bi-chromatic surfaces often draw children into a playful game of discovery engaging in the ‘holographic visual effect’ and its seemingly magical movements.   My goal in this artform is to create public which stimulate curiosity, and ultimately spark communication.

These public commissions are designed to reflect symbols or unique elements specific to the site or designed based on suggestions by the communities.  This collaborative process is the benefit of working in public art.



Each composition is shipped with a custom paper template. On the template is drawn the outline of the design including register marks designating the exact position of each of the wall fasteners. A composition of five sections will require 10 wall fasteners. Included are 2 fasteners for each section. (Painting anchors or sheetrock screws are sufficient for hanging from plywood or sheetrock; however, it may be desired to use expansion screws. Each section of a cluster weighs approximately 12-22 pounds.

After the paper template is temporarily secured with masking tape in the desired position on the wall, the fastener locations can be carefully marked onto the wall with a pencil. Next the template is removed, holes are drilled, and the fasteners are screwed into the wall. If screws are used it is ideal to allow the head to extend from the wall 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. Heavy duty (two nail) picture hangers are also suitable and used in most locations, are included with the packet.

Hanging of the separate sections from the pre attached D-Ring apparatus, is simple as the template and markings will allow for the exact positions. I have designed approximately 1-2 inch spaces between each shape. There is some slight variation intentionally designed into the composition.

The installation process takes me approximately 15 minutes; I would be happy to assist in the installation, please call and set up a time. Call anytime for aid or advice if any questions arise.

For periodic cleaning a vacuum or a soft damp cloth is advised. As with any painting it is not recommended to use abrasives or cleaners.



George Handy - 3 Webb Cove, Asheville, NC 28804 - (828) 777-5558 - george@georgehandy.com