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"Wall Relief Sculpture"  

Studio Porcelain - Coffee Mugs

mug stack
I glaze each mug individually with a unique composition, drawn from one of two basic themes, Fusion and Sketchbook.
  Fusion is composed primarily with broad brush strokes. The bold amorphous shapes and floating ribbons of color intersect and overlap creating "texture."   
 I use detailed brush work to further create the illusion of depth.  


The name "fusion" is named after the Jazz genre because of this pattern's spontaneity and complexity. 

 Sketchbook is painted with predominately thin lined cartoon-like abstract images. The light and airy figures playfully dance across the mug's surface and handle. Sketchbook is the design on my pottery purchased by the Smithsonian's Museum of American Art for their permanent collection.  

The two shapes of mugs are the "cylinder" and the "wide bottom" or traveling mug. I glaze each mug individually with a unique composition.

This is not just another pretty mug. Durability and integrity define my microwave and dishwasher-safe porcelain and non-toxic glazes. With a track record of 20+ years of everyday use, these strong, high-fired mugs defy chipping, cracking and glaze crackles.

These cone six glazes and colorants are also available in bulk to interested potters; please inquire.

George Handy - 3 Webb Cove, Asheville, NC 28804 - (828) 777-5558 - george@georgehandy.com